I am the author of  ‘Pearls of Vision’, ‘The Secret of Life’ and my latest book…’The Secret To Life – The key to unlocking the best in you” ….. Now available on Kindle

My purpose is to live a consciously aware life and to be an instrument to awaken others to the knowledge of who and what they really are. Empowering people to live and experience the best of themselves and their life is my primary focus.

I have worked for more than 27 years as a mentor and empowerment coach and spiritual guidance counselor supporting and encouraging people to live a better quality of life free to live their passion and purpose.

My fascination is with the power of the mind, its relationship to the source of energy that is the core of all things makes me question and search for continuous practical ways for humans to become conscious creators.  I have learned that when we disconnect the brain and CONNECT TO SOUL  as the captain of our life it becomes a continuous unfolding of what was intended. My intent is to remove the misconception of separation, judgment and comparison. To embrace LOVE as the basic building block of creation.

TransformationCONNECT TO SOUL



STEP OUT OF VICTIM!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Become proactive in your life TODAY. Get yourself an Empowerment Coach with 30 years experience. Take charge and watch the transformation in your personal and career life.

Mentoring or coaching is such a powerful life support. Life is complex and complicated and the thought that we have to always do it alone or that we should have all the answers is not only not true it is definitely not supportive. If we want to become good at anything else, we find it quite normal to look for a coach. There are coaches for sport, business, finances etc and only recently has the term life coach been added to this and is slowly becoming accepted. Life after all is the most important thing to become a champion in and would make sense to get some assistance. Yvonne has created an individual mentoring program that supports and guides people to live their best life. Find your passion and purpose and then learn to live it

Personal one on one or long distance sessions Skype or phone are very successful and opens this service up to the world.

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Secret to Life cover4A life manual filled with practical tools to release old outmoded beliefs and behavioural patterns and live the life you have always wanted. A must have if you are serious about having an improved quality of life and live in a state of inner peace and a sense of empowerment.

Now available on Kindle


2014-09-02 09.10.11CONNECT TO SOUL RETREATS in Ubud Bali. A life changing experience to really allow your soul the opportunity to become your guiding force. A gift to give yourself to be yourself.  Just to be able to have time to BE. The venue,   Sama’s Cottages in Ubud, is set in beautiful surroundings with friendly staff. With love & support each participant is guided to become closer to their inner power and wisdom. if you feel you are not where you would like to be or feel you cannot see the signs because life is just too demanding, this is definitely for you. For anyone who truly wants to feel  connected to that source of energy that is within, this is a great step in the right direction. To see what others have to say about this Retreat go to  Also represented on the International Retreat Network  However the decision to take a leap of faith and follow our soul urge to be heard and expressed is always with our self. A never to forget experience of personal awareness and expression.

book clubReading books together and exploring the insights and wisdoms gained is a joyful experience. Many like-minded people gather to discuss the book of the month. Yvonne chooses the title and the journey begins. Each book is another stepping stone towards greater learning and understanding of how this life really works. Sharing our personal growth together adds depth and understanding.



7StepsToSuccess7 STEPS TO SUCCESS will take you step by step on a journey to examine your current mindset and possible saboteurs and show the way to re-frame and reprogram your mind to a success oriented mindset. It follows the Success formula mentioned in The Secret to Life.


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“Von is the ultimate guide and facilitator for all after 40 years on her own spiritual journey.  She brings forward so many of her own strengths yet is wise enough to share her own vulnerabilities helping us all get in touch with and address our own.”
– Melbourne Australia

_DSC0100Von at one of her many public speaking events

Some photo’s from the 2012 ‘Connect to Soul Retreat – Ubud, Bali 


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